Sandra Johnosi sees no threat to Delta Queens’ NWFL Premiership title bid

Delta Queens defender, Sandra Johnosi is confident her side can lift the trophy at the end of the 2022/2023 Nigeria Women’s Football League (NWFL) Premiership Super Six in Asaba.

Tosan Blankson’s side are the only unbeaten team the NWFL Premiership at the end of the regular season, winning seven of its 12 games and drew the remaining five.

A form Sandra feels can be sustained at the season-ending Super Six.

“We have been on a good run throughout the season. So far, we are not seeing any threat to our challenge for the title,” Sandra told

“We lost to Rivers Angels on penalties in the Federation Cup not because we were not good but on penalties. The Super Six is where you will see the best.

“We are fully ready for every team that we are going to meet. Our coaches have perfected everything they needed to impact us for us to come out victorious in our games at the Super Six.

“I don’t think we are under-rating any team as we plan to take every match as it comes so that we can win the title on Sunday.

“We are fully ready to continue our unbeaten run at the Super Six. We have talked to ourselves as players and worked together in training physically and otherwise.”

The Asaba-based side were in a similar position last season before it faltered at the Super Six in Benin City, Edo State and the former Adamawa Queens and Rivers Angels defender asserted that the team he learned from last season’s scenario at the Super Six.

“As it stands, Delta Queens has one of the best squads in the Nigeria Women’s League. Any other team that is going to face us will be fully ready and prepared to face us,” she continued.

“Whatever happened at the Super Six last season maybe was out of luck. After that, the team has been competing in the Federation Cup last season and this season as well till when we lost to Rivers Angels on penalty shootout.

“After the Super Six last season, everything that made the team not perform well has been corrected. From then till now, Delta Queens has maintained its unbeaten run.”

Sandra was part of the historic Adamawa Queens side that reached the Super Six in 2019 as well as bronze-winning Rivers Angels at the 2022 NWFL Premiership Super Six.