Ekiti Queens – Delta Queens Preview: Debutants vs. Defending champions

The Oluyemi Kayode Stadium in Ado Ekiti is set to witness a spectacular opening for the 2023/2024 Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL) Premiership as the Ekiti Queens host the reigning champions, Delta Queens, this Tuesday.

Key Highlights:
Champion’s Dominance
: Delta Queens, reigning champions since 2022 and Nigerian titleholders in 2023, approach the season opener seeking their seventh domestic crown. Their unwavering form over two seasons makes them a formidable force.

Newcomers’ Determination: Ekiti Queens, fresh from the NWFL Championship, bring ambition and vigor. They aim to challenge Delta Queens’ supremacy and make an impactful entry into the elite division.

Ekiti’s Rise: Emerging from a competitive NWFL Championship and an impressive Besty Obaseki Cup showing, Ekiti Queens are poised to disrupt the status quo in Nigerian women’s football.

The stage is set for an exhilarating clash between experience and ambition.

Coach Taiwo Moses of Ekiti Queens exudes confidence, expressing, “We are prepared and determined to secure victory against the league champions.”

Tosan Blankson, manager of Delta Queens, acknowledges the challenge posed by the newcomers, yet remains resolute in the pursuit of defending their title. “Victory is assured; they will be respected,” he confidently assures.

The showdown marks the commencement of a gripping NWFL Premiership season. The game’s excitement will transcend the Oluyemi Kayode Stadium, reaching global audiences via live coverage on AfroSport.

Delta Queens, fresh from their loss to Ampem Darkoa in the 2023 (WAFU-B) Women’s Champions League final, are eager to begin their quest for a sixth title in style.

The manager is cautious of Ekiti Queens’ threat but remains focused on the task at hand. As the curtain raises, Ekiti Queens prepare to carve their mark in NWFL history.

The clash promises an intense battle, reflecting the essence of Nigerian women’s football—passion, determination, and the quest for glory.

Stay tuned to witness this riveting clash, signaling the dawn of an enthralling season in women’s football. For live updates and exclusive content, follow NWFL on social media channels.

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