NWFL Premiership sets the stage for thrilling season opening clash between Ekiti Queens and Delta Queens

Ado Ekiti, Nigeria – November 14, 2023 – The 2023/2024 Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL) Premiership is poised to kick off in grand style with an electrifying clash between the reigning champions, Delta Queens, and the spirited newcomers, Ekiti Queens, at the Oluyemi Kayode Stadium on Tuesday.

Key Highlights:

Battle of Titans: Delta Queens, the reigning Nigerian champions with an unprecedented winning streak since 2022, are eyeing their seventh domestic title and enter the season opener with unwavering determination under the guidance of Tosan Blankson.

New Contenders’ Ambition: Ekiti Queens, fresh from their promotion through the NWFL Championship, are poised to upset the hierarchy and showcase their mettle against the seasoned champions in their debut at the elite level.

Rising Against Odds: Ekiti Queens’ remarkable journey through the NWFL Championship and their impressive showing at the recent Besty Obaseki Cup foretell a competitive spirit that aims to shake up the established order in Nigerian women’s football.

The clash is poised to captivate fans with the finest display of football artistry, promising an extraordinary start to Ekiti Queens’ debut season in the topflight.

Coach Taiwo Moses of Ekiti Queens expressed confidence ahead of the showdown, stating, “We are prepared and determined to secure victory against the league champions.”

In response, Tosan Blankson, manager of Delta Queens, acknowledged the challenge posed by the newcomers but remained steadfast in the pursuit of defending the title, acknowledging, “Victory is assured; they will be respected.”

The highly anticipated curtain raiser will be broadcast live on AfroSport, captivating audiences worldwide as the NWFL Premiership 2023/2024 season unfolds with an intense clash between established dominance and emerging talent.