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Joy Jerry Describes Her Feelings After Being Named Bayelsa Queens Captain At 16

In an exclusive interview with thenwfl com, Joy Jerry sat down to talk about leadership, how she started football and feeling she was a bit too young when she became captain of Bayelsa Queens in 2018 at the age of 16.

Jerry joined Bayelsa Queens Feeders as a twelve year old in 2013, though she wasn’t encouraged to play football by her mother, who wanted her to be a lawyer. Jerry sneaked out of the house most times to go play football, as she was determined and knew from the begining that she really wanted to be a footballer.

Narrating how it all started to Jerry said : ” It started in 2009, when I came back from the farm, and saw my friends, mostly males playing football as usual, and I asked if I can join them, and many said no, few agreed, but was allowed to play with them that day.

Some months later, a friend called Michael introduced me to a coach, Joel, then I started training with the team and developed under him.

Joy Jerry made her first team debut for Bayelsa Queens in 2016, after being promoted from the academy and she confessed it was a different atmosphere entirely, as she had never experienced such before then.

Two years after making her first senior appearance, Moses Aduku placed the Captain’s armband around the arm of young girl after the departure of the charismatic captain Joy Bokiri to Europe.

But despite the huge responsibility suddenly being placed on her shoulders, Jerry remembers the day as “one of the best of her life”.

She has gone from being a nervous substitute to being the captain of her home team and she was just 16 as expected, many thought she was too young to be captain.

” I was scared at the begining. It was my first time of being a leader. Alot of thoughts came to my mind, I was going to be a leader of players who are way older and more experienced than I am. She told

” There I was in the locker-room with players like Joy Jegede, Rofiat Sule, Esther Udegbe and was to motivate them for a game as their leader. It was strange at first, but I was able to construct a beautiful and tenacious relationship with them all. ”

” I knew I wanted more and knew I was going to be ambitious as captain. I look back to the history of the club and want to be successful as Akudo Sabi, a legend and former captain of the club who won two NWFL Premiership title and the F.A Cup.

In 2018, Joy Jerry became the youngest captain ever to hold aloft the NWFL Premiership trophy at 16years and 63days after Bayelsa Queens defeated Nasarawa Amazons in the final of the NWFL Premiership Super 4 Championship in Lagos and also won the NWFL Champions Shield in 2019.

The Nigeria Women Premier League is the top level league for women’s association football in Nigeria. 

It is the women’s equivalent of the men’s league, the Nigeria Professional Football League. Founded: 1990


National Stadium Complex,  Lagos.